I am continually amazed at the barrage of anti aging skin treatments in the marketplace nowadays. Everything from basic skincare products, to facial exercises, to light therapy and naturally, surgical interventions for those desiring a quicker fix. As for Hollywood, we’ve seen some of the fantastic things that operation can do and some of the”not so” good things that can occur. The question is, are you willing to risk the possibility your facial surgery could wind up in catastrophe?
Should you decide it is not worth the headache or threat to go through with surgical intervention, then maybe check out some of the other solutions that are available. This is a short list of alternatives you’ve got available with multiple, others available on the market nowadays.
To maintain the skin with this technique, you must repeat this procedure 2-3 times a year using the normal cost ranging from $600-$1000 per injection. The recovery time is about two weeks with the price tag is in the thousands.
Botox Injections - these injections into the muscles of the face, help to eliminate wrinkles and lines temporarily, but must be re-injected frequently to keep the outcomes every 3-6 months. Cost for these injections vary from $400-$600 each injection. This is a very popular remedy that’s very effective for brief periods of time.
Do-it-yourself - treatments which may be done in your home for a fraction of the cost of several treatments out there. Using lasers, light emitting diodes (LED’s), Dr. Perricone’s, mild Renewal system, and Bliss’ Marvel-Mini Facial Light treatment, all of these help to eliminate lines and wrinkles, eliminate bacteria that causes acne, helps with hyperpigmentation and dark stains, with only 20-30 minutes every day, twice each week. Normal price for these devices is between $225-$360. Fairly inexpensive, but not as powerful as a prescription strength product. Check with your dermatologist to get a more potent retinol lotion that might be more effective.
Chemical Peel Treatments & Microderm Abrasion - really minimally invasive and assist eliminate layers of dead cells from the skin enabling the new cells to regenerate, which makes dull dead skin look vibrant and radiant. They also help to repair damage done from sunlight in the form of age stains. These remedies are also fairly inexpensive, but very effective in helping smooth the skin and bring back radiance.
Facial Exercise Programs - those programs help to strengthen and contour the facial skin by means of a series of exercises replicated daily. There are a few programs that have experienced successful results such as the Facial Magic app from Cynthia Rowland, and Facial Gymnastics, CEO Ade Adeyemi Coles. These programs cost approximately $40-$200 depending upon your needs.
Of all these different choices, you can see there are lots of alternatives for you to pick from. Of most significance, using a good quality skin care product on your face daily is your best shield against aging altogether. Teach your kids early on to take care of their skin, shield their skin from sun damage and as they age they can stop the aging of the skin as quickly. Irregardless, the health of your skin really depends on how you take care of it on a daily basis. Every time you go to bed without cleaning your skin, you age skin 10-15 years. Experts believe that just 20% of aging is hereditary while 80 percent is related to sunlight damage. You do have some control over these things! Use Hydrating Mask , wear hats, wear sunglasses and clothes that protects from both UVB and UVA rays. Make sure your body is coated and protected!